Street children are often regarded as product of degrading society. Their depictions by others are constructed to be parallel with the way society already think of them. Thus, it is often the case that they found themselves misinterpreted and underrepresented.

This photography project aims to provide street children access to self representation and hence will give society broader and clearer perspectives on street children especially from first person views by using easy media of photos and portraits.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Through Danang Eyes

This is a first attempt of our photographic project (see overview of the project here). We use old Olympus 35 DC and Fuji Color Superia 200 roll ASA 200 and Cannonmate Tristar with Kodak Color 200.

Danang, a street children in Jombor where I volunteer once a week, was given first an old Olympus 35 DC and second Cannonmate Tristar and told to take pictures he liked. He spent about 2 and half rolls of 36. But unfortunately a whole roll of 36 films was damaged due to forced opening. Somehow we managed to save at least 15 pictures of his work. The next 12 posts are his pictures but the caption are written by Clara (a volunteer). The captions might be removed when needed. Enjoy...

Location : Jombor Intersection and Danang surroundings, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Date : January, 15-23 2010
See Danang profile


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